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Expected release date Q1/2021.
Wanna be a Java unit testing professional?
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Get rid of boring and repetitive tasks.
By automated test code generation with devmate.
Start having fun again with unit tests!
  • devmate is an easy to use test code generation tool for developers like you
  • devmate is an fully integrated Eclipse/IntelliJ Plugin
  • devmate's model editor lets you focus on requirements, inputs and expected outputs
  • The automatically generated test code is well structured, readable and state of the art
  • Generate code with JUnit as unit testing framework
  • devmate uses black box testing techniques (most competitors only use white box techniques)
  • Safe and easy refactoring - devmate gives developer fast feedback to recognise lacks and debts in code and makes refactoring easy.
What is devmate?
demonstrably better quality in unit tests
no tool break,
fully integrated into Eclipse & IntelliJ
massive time safer
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- Robert Tratter, R&D Director
devmate convinced us due to the degree of innovation and conceptual approach.
– Klaus Oberlehner, CEO
From 10 developers we make 12. devmate gives us a productivity boost.
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